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Liquid CAS 1191-95-3 Agriculture Cyclobutanone

Liquid CAS 1191-95-3 Agriculture Cyclobutanone
Basic Information



CAS No. 1191-95-3
EINECS 214-745-6
Formula C4H6O


Molecular Weight 70.09
Melting Point -50.9 °C
Flashing Point 50 °F
Water Solubility  INSOLUBLE
Boiling Point 99 °C(lit.)
Density  0.938 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)
Storage temp 0-6°C
Refractive index  n20/D 1.421(lit.)

Supply Ability
5 Tons per Month, and our standing inventory is 2-3 tons.
Packaging and Delivery

25L Plastic drum for Cyclobutanone

Regular packaging:  20kgs/ 25L plastic drum

                                    2kgs/ 2.5L plastic drum

We can also provide other packagings , If you have any special packaging requirements, please tell us.


Q: Can you provide samples of your products?

A: Yes. Please get in touch with our marketing office for samples.

Q: What's the MOQ of Cyclobutanone?

A: There is no MOQ of Cyclobutanone, any quantity can be provided.


 Cyclobutanone is an organic compound with a   four-membered cyclic ketone. It is used in preparation of cyclobutane   derivatives, as a starting material for aminocyclobutanecarboxylic acid   through sulfonyloxiranes, to prepare dihydro-furan-2-one in presence of   polystyrene-bound phenylselenic acid as catalyst. It is also involved in the   photochemical synthesis of nucleoside analogues such as bicyclic nucleosides   and isonucleosides. Furthermore, it is used to synthesis fatty acid,   2-oxo-cyclobutane undecanoic acid, which is used in the development of an   enzyme-linked immunosorbent assy for the detection of irradiated foods.

Protocols and Articles

Why Choose Us


We have many years of experience in the production of Cyclobutanone, and Cyclobutanone is our so competitive product.

Our production is 35-50tons. And our standing inventory is 2-3tons.

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We can accept T/T and LC at sight for the fist cooperation . We also can supply more payment terms for our regular customers.

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