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  • Q Where can I get COA?

    A ->COA is available for download in the products detail page.
  • Q Are you a manufacturer?

    A Yes. We have our own factory in China. For more informations, please refer to "About Us" page.
  • Q What is the annual production of TEMPO?

    A 50-80mTs.
  • Q Can you provide samples of your products?

    A Yes. Please get in touch with our marketing office for samples.
  • Q What's the MOQ of TEMPO?

    A There is no MOQ of TEMPO, any quantity can be provided.
  • Q Is TEMPO need a cold-chain transportation?

    A NO. The melt point of TEMPO is 36-38℃, so it may partly melt during conventional transportation. But this wouldn't affect the quality of TEMPO due to it's feature of stability.