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  • 57837-19-1

Name Metalaxyl
Category Agrochemicals->fungicide
Basic Information
Synonyms n-(2,6-dimethylphenyl)-n-(methoxyacetyl)-dl-alaninemethylester;
CAS number 57837-19-1
EINECS 260-979-7
Formula C15H21NO4
Structure 57837-19-1
Molecular Weight 279.33
Melting Point 279.33
Boiling Point 422.1°C
Density  1.1083g/cm3
Storage temp. APPROX 4°C
COA Information
Apperance White Crystal
Purity min. 98.0%
Dry Reduction max. 0.5%
Moisture max. 1.0%
Acetone insoluble max. 0.3%
Safety Information
Hazard Codes  Xn,F
Risk Statements 13-24-37-46-61-36-26-16
PackingGroup  II
RIDADR  UN  1648  3/PG  2
RTECS AY6910000
HS Code 29242990
Metalaxyl is used as a systemic fungicide on a variety of food and non-food crops including tobacco, turf and conifers, and ornamentals. Used in combination with fungicides of different mode of action as a foliar spray on tropical and subtropical crops; as a seed treatment to control downy mildew; and as a soil fumigant to control soilborne pathogens.